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Our assessments include:
  • EMG - The Gold standard in Personal Injury Assessment 
  • Balance, Concussion, and TBI assessment and referral 
  • Neuromuscular exams
  • Referral for X-Rays and MRI's on Lien as well 
  • Coordination with local Pain Management, Neurologists, and Orthopedic 
    Medical Service providers

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Thank you Dr Brtton, I am seeing great results only after a few weeks, from years and years of lower back pain, you rock and so does your amazing staff, you sure did pick a great crew :-)

    Lynette J.

    Caring different things u need to help stimulate progress of your health well being you learn more of your body the necessity of it different from others out there.

    Millie V.

    Dr. Britton is a skilled doctor who thinks outside the box and who knows how to be human. The office staff are kind and establish very good relations with patients and create a friendly environment all helping one feel at home at the office. Dr. Britton explains thoroughly what he finds and how he will be treating it and there are no surprises. We are grateful for Dr. Britton’s care, expertise and kind heart. Thank you!

    Ramin RM


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